Solveig Landa bases her art on nature—including humans. She looks to her personal experience as the entrance point to explore the existential questions: the dynamics of our relationships, and our responses to various surroundings. She explores her own deep emotions and interpersonal relationships, as well as the influence and force that nature  has upon us all.

Landa presents the realities of opposition: strength and vulnerability, beauty and horror, order and chaos. Her work is concerned with human rituals that deal with the forces in nature: our experiences of—and reactions towards—natural disasters and other phenomena. Captivated by the conflicting feelings of fear and attraction she experiences when in contact with the strength and the beauty of nature, she maintains a deep respect for nature and an even deeper fear for the future of the environment.

In her latest prints and installations, Landa investigates beauty, chaos and the elements of nature that frighten her. She finds the same forces within the human mind. When people are featured in her artworks, they have a inward look that symbolizes the distance between their physicality and their awareness. They are often involved in ritual, or in a personal struggle.

It is in the exploration of this distance between, that Solveig Landa seeks to understand our existence, and to communicate man and nature’s vulnerability.